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xcode – iOS app crashes at launch on Testflight for iOS 14 and beneath however not iOS 15+

We’re having some unusual challenge with our app and/or Testflight since just a few days in the past: our app runs wonderful on simulator and units (iOS 12, iOS 14 & iOS 15) when run from Xcode, nevertheless it crashed at launch after we archive and distribute it by way of Testflight for iOS 14 and beneath, however NOT for iOS 15 (we’ve not tried to really launch to the AppStore).
The app was working completely wonderful on iOS 12+ till then, on Testflight or in any other case.
No crash log is ever generated by these crashes (both on Crashlytics, or Organizer, and even within the gadget crash logs), and what’s extra mysterious is that when re-archiving previous variations of the code that had no points 3 weeks in the past and are stay on the app retailer, we are actually getting the crashes.
We have dug into the gadget logs to attempt to get some extra information, and we may discover {"appVersion":"3.3.1","bundleID":"com.cobble.ios","exceptionCodes":"0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000","incidentID":"B47DF725-343B-4D8E-A1C4-8F52EB5766C1","logwritten":1,"course of":"Cobble Manufacturing","terminationReasonExceptionCode":"0x1","terminationReasonNamespace":"DYLD"}

for iOS 14, and

Course of exited: <FBApplicationProcess: 0x10a2dd110; Cobble Producti (com.cobble.ios); pid: -1> -> <FBApplicationProcessExitContext: 0x28331a100; exitReason: (none); terminationReason: (none)> {
    stateAtExit = <FBProcessState: 0x283cd8cc0; pid: 4156; taskState: Not Operating; visibility: Unknown>;

for iOS 12.

We’ve not had any luck to date determining what the difficulty(s) will be, however we have tried numerous issues from constructing on totally different computer systems, taking part in round within the construct settings, updating our pods, to totally uninstalling/reinstalling Xcode and the challenge from Github..

It could be price noting that we’re utilizing automated signing from Xcode (altering that’s our subsequent check)

Any assist can be drastically appreciated!!

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